Common Misconceptions About Hemorrhoids

Common Misconceptions About Hemorrhoids

No one likes to talk about them, so there are a lot of misconceptions about hemorrhoids. Let's get comfortable with the facts.

Myth: Hemorrhoids are not very common.

Fact: Hemorrhoids are more common than you might think. A recent survey of adult Canadians revealed that close to half of those surveyed have suffered from hemorrhoids.1†

Based on all respondents, n=14121


Myth: Only old people get hemorrhoids.

Fact: It's true that chances of having hemorrhoids increase with age, but you can get hemorrhoids at any stage of your adult life.


Myth: Only men get hemorrhoids.

Fact: Hemorrhoids can affect anyone. They are very common among pregnant women.


Myth: Fit, healthy people can't get hemorrhoids.

Fact: Overweight people have a high chance of getting hemorrhoids due to the extra pressure their weight puts on their abdomen. But this pressure can also be the result of constipation, straining, pregnancy and lifting heavy weights.


Myth: People may judge you if you buy a treatment for hemorrhoids.

Fact: With almost 1 in 2 adult Canadians indicating they've had hemorrhoids at some time, chances are the person at the checkout has had hemorrhoids.